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Private Bitcoin Stealer

This is an advanced, tested, professional hacking (more accurately phishing)
method. This is the first (and right now the only) guide that makes it possible
the first time for an average person to use this classic and effective method.
This software is unique, developed by me. The reason why this method is not
being used by the average Joe is because you actually have to hardcode your
btc address into the program and then build the project by yourself.
The good news are, if you have the source code and clear instructions, it is not
difficult at all.
The package contains the source code (C#) of a malware (BITCOIN STEALER)
that watches Windows clipboard for Bitcoin addresses and replaces
them with your own. So the target will send the coins to you by
Also there is a trick that makes your bitcoin address looks similar to
the copied address...
For example, if the target's address is like this:
Yours will be like this:
An other advantage of having the source code is that it keeps you safe (from
me), because you can revise it yourself, also you can trust it has been revised
by others many times before.
This guide also will show you how to use this software effectively. The package
will show you the social engineering and phishing methods in order to reach
your goal.
Your only goal is to make the targets to run your exe and from there you can
lay back in the rest of your life, go to Malibu and watch the money flowing in.

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ExPLOiTInc Private Crypter

Crypter Video

E x p l o i t i n c - P r i v a t e - C r y p t e r

Lang :- VB

FUD RAte :- 0/35

Support :- EOF - Encrypted Methods

OS :- Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8

VIRUS FUD :- Citadel - Zeus - Bozok Rat - Cybergate - Sub7 - NjRat and Other Rats and Botnets

Updates :- Every Week Updates

Price :- 30$

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  • ICQ :- 691768633
  • Skype :- joeroot.exploitinc

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Slaves - Bots - Zombies

Hello World 

New Service For All :) Cheap and Good

We Sell Slaves Zombies Bots For Your Rats and Botnets

50 for $15 

100 for $20 

150 for $25

200 for $30

250 for $35

300 for $40

350 for $45

400 for $50

450 for $55

500 for $100

1000 for $150

Slaves All Over the World :-)

Money Method :- PerfectMoney - Bitcoin

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ICQ :- 691768633
Skype :- joeroot.exploitinc
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Bad News Hack2wwworld And Exploitinc

Yahoo Again Close My Accounts

Account Close :-
Account Close :-


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